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Magenta Danae

Electric Heated Bathroom Towel Rack / Rails -200w

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DELLA FRANCESCA brings you this fantastic Electric Heated Towel Rack in a stainless steel finish - a must for every Bathroom! Picture this: you step out of the shower to find it's a bit chilly in the bathroom, your towel is still a bit wet/damp from your last shower and you're craving a dry warm towel ... well now you can have just that! Not only can you use it for your towels but chuck on your clothes as well so that they're also nice and warm when you put them on. Look even more forward to your showers with this Electric Heated Towel Rack. There'll be no more excuses for not wanting to have a shower because of the cold! It's quick and easy to install and offers you a simply luxury that you shouldn't have to find only when you go to friends, family or hotels ... now you can have it in your own home! Features: 200W 1020 x 600 x 180mm (product size) VED/BS/SAA (white) Stainless steel Polish :SAA,CE,GS,RoHS energy-saving elegant style decorate bathroom,kitchen convenient stainless Steel (high polish)