Top 10 trending products to sell online in 2023

As every successful online retailer knows, e-commerce success lies in selling what people want to buy. That’s where lists like this come in handy. Below, we’ll highlight ten product categories with specific trending items that hold promise for online sales next year.
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You’ll find this list useful if you already have a niche and are looking for a new product category to sell. B2B firms looking for a digital selling niche will also benefit from this list.
1. Health and Lifestyle
Health and wellness are bigger priorities for people today. According to the World Economic Forum, 62% of people confess that they’re more conscious about their health now than before the pandemic.
Some of the top trending products in this category.
Air purifiers: With greater concern about air quality in many major cities, air purifiers are trending as an option to refresh polluted air.
Matcha: Matcha is a caffeinated green tea that is seeing growing use in health and wellness circles.
Reusable water bottles: Environmental concerns, and their impact on health, are fostering the use of eco- and health-friendly products like reusable water bottles.
2. Fashion
Fashion is a staple of B2B e-commerce. But recent developments, such as a return to outdoor and social activities, are generating greater interest in certain items. Trending fashion items to sell in 2023 include:
High-waist jeans: Outdoor clothes are seeing a resurgence, and high-waist jeans (or mom jeans) continue to be a customer favorite.
Athleisure: Thanks to increased interest in sneakers and brands like Nike and Lululemon, sportswear is now fashionable. Buyers love the style and comfort these products bring.
Headscarves: Scarves come in various attractive patterns and colors and can be styled with almost any outfit. So, it’s no surprise they’re seeing high search volumes on Google Trends.6
Shapewear: Sales of shapewear, such as leggings, climbed during the lockdown period as people stuck with clothing items that provide comfort. But the trend has endured so far and will likely continue into 2023.