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Strategy: Highlighting the versatility of the product and using an action-oriented language to appeal to active and busy women.

Stay Organized and Stylish with Our Women’s Shoulder Bags


Strategy: Emphasizing the dual functions of the product as both a practical and fashionable accessory, attracting women who value both style and organization.

Charge Up Your Day with Our USB-Enabled Sport Bags

Strategy: Focusing on the convenience of having a USB port integrated into the backpack, targeting women who lead busy and technology-dependent


Perfect for AnyAdventure - Our Multifunctional Sport Bags for Women

Strategy: Positioning the product as a reliable and versatile companion for any type of activity, whether it's a hike, a gym session, or a weekend getaway.

Designed by Women, for Women - The Ultimate Sport Bag Experience

  • Strategy: Strengthening the brand identity by highlighting that the product was created with women in mind, and therefore meets their needs and preferences more effectively.